Tenant Resources

The following are organizations that provide services to our residents.

If you live in one of our homes, please reach out to us here for a personal introduction.

On the Road Lending

Affordable loans, vehicle selection assistance, and financial mentoring to get you on the road to success.

Living away from easily accessible public transportation means greater reliance on a car and greater risks of high gas bills and repairs. On the Road Lending is happy to consult with you to find out if they can help you find a new, more fuel-efficient and reliable car. They will work with families to work toward qualifying if they don’t already qualify.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star

Provide children with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change lives for the better, forever.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star knows it can be particularly challenging for children and teens who are in new neighborhoods with new schools and communities to integrate and feel comfortable. They partner with parents/guardians, volunteers, and donors to help form unique and influential relationships with big brothers and sisters.

WiNGS for Women and Families

Empowering women to achieve their fullest potential has a multiplier effect on the families and communities around them.

A fresh start in a new neighborhood is a great time to think about the future for yourself as well as your kids. WiNGS has many resources and programs. Our full suite of services are designed to help you soar. Our mentors and coaches are ready to walk alongside you on your path to success.

Contact them on phone, email or in-person to see if any of their resources could be helpful for you now or later.